Group Show

Nostospective II

Gallery Apel celebrates its twentieth year. As the veteran gallery enters its twentieth year, it decided to have a different exhibition layout that would bring together its own past with its present. It dreamed of re-exhibiting some of the works that had previously been featured in solo or themed exhibitions at Apel, and at the same time have the same artists present new works. Spanning the entire season, this exhibition will have a dynamism similar to that of the act of remembering. During this process, works will be replaced by others and parts of the exhibition will change as it goes along. Believing that rather than a chronological approach, the course we follow will inevitably lead to a nostalgic surge, we named the event “Nostospective”.

Artists who contributed to the exhibition: yasemin aslan bakiri, aydan baktır, şeyma reisoğlu bobaroğlu, güler güngör, yücel kale, ayfer kalsın, gülsün karamustafa, kurucu koçanoğlu, julie mardin, canan pak, maria sezer, erhan şermet, bahadır yıldız