Selim Birsel and Sinan Logie

Houses at l’Estaque

Abstraction is not simplification; abstraction is not getting to the bottom, reaching the origins or discovering the source, either. It is to make what is invisible visible, at best. In the beginning, there was no cylinders, cubes or cones; in the beginning there was no beginning, either. Whatever happened has happened in the middle… A light fell on the houses, a painter saw the light fall on houses; yes, things were changing; the colors, panorama and the perspective was not going to be the same as they were before; the nature was molting, silently.

Paul Cèzanne’s “Estaque experience” is not just a plastic refraction; it is also the answer to the question “what can a painter, an artist, a body in artist do flawlessly?” “Houses at l’Estaque” has been designed based on how the answer to this question echoes in our mind.