first viewing

The story of art production—of hundreds of years—is a concept that needs to be dealt with both as a source of inspiration and as a way of forming a unique language. The works by Sabo (1988), Burak Ata (1989) and Burak Dak (1988)—all three have just graduated from the Painting Department at Mimar Sinan—carry the deep impact of this process in the works exhibited in their first exhibition. The three are forming their unique languages by addressing, specifically, this process. At this point, the collage technique and the repetition of elements that flow from one work to the other, carrying symbolism, weaves the productions of the three together. In their first exhibition at artSümer, the three close friends invite the viewers to a unique experience within this whole of symbols, stories, and moments that they lay bare in this first exhibition, inviting us to be a part of this dialogue, carrying their silent conversations into the exhibition space.