Sanatorium opens the new exhibition season with contemporary Japanese photography’s young and emerging name; Sohei Nishino’s first individual exhibition “Diorama Maps”. “Diorama Maps” which will be held in Sanatorium between the dates 11th of September – 12th of October 2013, includes the works from the Diorama Maps series that Nishino started as a student in Osaka University. Diorama Maps series consist of large and multi layered maps reconstructed by Nishino’s memories by walking the streets of the city he chose and recordings of this walk as photographs. Each map is the result of an intense preparation period in which the artist prints the photos by himself, cuts and glues them and takes the photo of the final collage. The maps show Nishino’s view toward the cities and the impression they left along with the iconic places of those cities to the viewers.

photo credit by Sohei Nishino, under the courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery